The new iPhone 7 Review

Apple had recently revealed the new iPhone 7 on the 7th of September, along with the bigger iPhone 7(Plus). Every time Apple comes up with a new iPhone launch, there is always a buzz created. This time too it has not changed much. People have been really excited since the launch. Apple has always managed to delight the customers with its offering. This time too it was not any less. People across the globe can now pre order the phone now.

Let us have a look at some of the interesting features.

One of the features which is talked about is the phone is waterproof enabled: The latest iPhone is waterproof enabled. This phone is waterproofed with the iP67 standards and this is supposed to be pretty good. In case you drop the phone in water, you do not have to worry as the phone will definitely not get damaged.

Now if we talk about the specifications, the latest phone is launched with an iOS 10. This is actually the newest and upgraded OS version. The screen size of the device will be slightly bigger than the previous versions. Here is good news for the Apple fans, the camera is much better now. The phone will have a 12 MP primary camera and there will be a 7 MP secondary camera as well. This is great as far as the camera is concerned as the photo clarity is just going to be fantastic. This also means, you will be able to have a fantastic video calling experience going forward.  Even though a lot has not changed with regard to the features, there is an inclusion of a Home app, which can pretty much control all the switches in your home, if your house is home automated, then this feature will be really helpful.

There have also been some interesting changes on the new phone. There is no ear phone jack in the new phone like the previous versions; instead there is a blue tooth ear phone, which can be connected to the new phone. This was done to improve the battery life. Apple has now addressed that concern regarding battery as well; therefore people will now be really happy about this news. The price range of iPhone 7 models is as follows.  IPhone – 32 GB will cost you $649, iPhone 128 GB will be priced at $749 and the 256 GB version will be priced at $849.

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