iPad not working on Wi-Fi

IPad is the handiest device from Apple. You can watch anything and everything wherever you want. An iPad can to shoot video, click photos, play music, and execute all the Internet functions such as web-browsing and emailing. Additional tasks like games, reference, GPS navigation, social networking, etc. also can be supported by downloading and installing apps. As soon as the first iPad came in 2010, it changed the way people used to look at tablets. It’s best user interface quality shapes around the device’s multi-touch screen which includes a virtual keyboard. Just imagine a day when you are watching your favorite movie on your iPad and your iPad stops working and gets disconnected from the Wi-Fi. It is the most irritating situation, and now you need to know how to connect iPad to Wi-Fi. We will now talk about the basic steps on how to fix iPad which won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is the general term for wireless networking expertise that uses radio waves to run wireless high-speed Internet and network links. A common fallacy is that the name Wi-Fi is a short form of “wireless fidelity,” but this is not so. Wi-Fi is merely a trademarked idiom that means “IEEE 802.11x.” All our devices like computers, smartphones, digital audio players and tablets use Wi-Fi. These devices connect to a network source such as the Internet via a wireless network entree point.

There are only a few things which you can do on your iPad, without the internet connection. These type of issues can get resolved by connecting your iPad to the stable Wi-Fi connection with good speed and connectivity. You can quckly rectify this issues on your iPad by following the steps given below.

Before starting with the further process of fixing the Wi-Fi connection, make sure your router is on.

Step 1- Bring your device closer to the router because if you are away from the router, iPad won’t catch signal.

Step 2- Do check your Wi-Fi connection and enable it on your iPad, and you can see the Wi-Fi sign on the device. If it’s not visible the – Click settings>go to Wi-Fi and slide the button towards “ON” mode. Tap on the title of your Wi-Fi network to join it with your iPad. If a blue check mark appears near your network, it means you are connected. If you cannot turn on to your Wi-Fi connection the, we have explained that also in the steps below.

Step 3- In case your iPad asks for the network password, then type your Wi-Fi password. Passwords for W-Fi connections are usually different and unique ones so that no other device connects to your network.

Step 4- If you are still unable to connect to your network then check all the wiring and modem again or call your service provider for further doubts.

Step 5- If nothing is working then, you should restart all your device like your iPad, cable connection, or router. After following the each step given below, check if your connection is working.

  • Reboot your iPad’s operating system
  • Take out your routers’ plug and out it in again
  • Take out your cable wire or DSL modem and put it back.

Step 6- If nothing is working then, rearrange your Network Settings. Click Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. It will reorganize your Wi-Fi networks and passwords, iPad settings, and VPN and APN settings that you used before.

If your network is still not accepting your password, be sure that:

  • You are attempting to connect your network and not tightly linked network or likewise titled network.
  • You are typing the password properly. Wi-Fi code word is complex.
  • If someone other than you has set up your system, trail the steps to check that you’re using the right password.

In case your Wi-Fi signal is showing gray color or it’s dim then you can follow these steps to solve the issue:

  • Install the latest version of operating system on your iPad
  • After installing the latest version follow these settings. Go to General, Reset>Reset Network Settings. These steps will rearrange all your network settings which include Wi-Fi password, APN and VPN configuration.
  • A password safeguarded Wi-Fi setup has a lock image following its name.

If somebody else is responsible for your settings, request them for help. In case you are using a net at a corporation, school, hotel, store, or additional free Wi-Fi setting, find an operative for support.

If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network but you can’t get connected, attempt to use your Wi-Fi system on added devices. If you can’t get operational using your additional devices, there might be a facility outage. Request your cable operator or net provider for assistance.

Attempt linking to a Wi-Fi network in an altered setting. If your instrument can link, you will want to get support with your Wi-Fi system. If it can’t join to any Wi-Fi networks, call Apple for service.

Bring new updated Wi-Fi router with the newest firmware and make definite that the router wires your Apple manufactured product. For more info, connect the builder of your router.

I think it is quite clear from the above guidelines that how to fix iPad which is not working on W-Fi connection.  We have covered all the technical as well as general aspects of how to connect iPad on Wi-Fi. The end part of the article will also help you resolve the problem if your network is not accepting your password or the Wi-Fi image seems dim on your iPad. The above article has very well explained all the possibilities of getting stuck with your Wi-Fi connection and how to resolve the issues related to that. If everything else fails, then let one of Apple’s expert take a look at your iPad and diagnose the problem. It’s likely that something has horribly gone wrong with your hardware because subsequently disasters do occur even with branded products. Let’s Apple analyze the fault, and if your instrument is of inferior quality, it will be taken care. Specifically, if you’re still in warranty period by AppleCare!


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