Intel CEO’s Comments on the Latest Windows 8

Paul Otellini, the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Intel Corporation recently informed the company’s staff in Taiwan that Microsoft Corporation’s latest Windows 8 OS is actually being issued even before it is completely prepared to go.

During a private conference that was recently held in Taipei, Otellini informed to all employees of Intel stating that there is still lot of room for advancements to be crafted to the new operating system, and also requested the staff not to be recognized since the conference was totally private.

It looks like the technology giant, Microsoft is very keen to get its latest Windows 8 OS, the very 1st edition of its leading software developed for all latest touch tablets, into computer systems in the coming month to assist it contest with its key competitor Apple Inc.’s new iPad, particularly during the coming vacation shopping period.

Unveiling the latest OS even before it is completely ready is actually the correct step taken by Microsoft, since the company can easily make enhancements once it finally delivers, as said by Otellini to Intel’s workforce. Intel, which is the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, is Microsoft’s nearest business associate, and the recent remarks made by Otellini clearly echoes condemnation from leading market experts, including Michael Cherry at the recent moves adapted by Microsoft.

Michael Cherry told that while windows is basically sound, the OS shortages an extensive array of robust apps and PC manufacturers haven’t had adequate amount of time to plan kinks with supposed drivers, which link software to those hardware as printers. A leading analyst working at JMP Securities LLC located in San Francisco, Alex Gauna recently said that they are more worried about bugs and tweaking that looks very essential to develop the beta systems that they sampled completely prepared for prime time.

In fact, it is a common practice among the technology legends to release new software before it is fully prepared, and make necessary alterations on the fly. But, there are some possibilities that the normal practice could backfire at times, and there are some examples also. Vista, a new edition of Windows that was introduced back in 2007, was launched 2 years late, since it was greatly troubled with poor adoption as the latest software primarily didn’t operate well with most of the drivers and apps.

Mark Martin, a representative for Redmond, said that with nearly sixteen-million dynamic preview contributors, the latest Windows 8 OS is no doubt the most examined, studied, and equipped OS in the history of Microsoft.


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