How to fix iPhone touch screen not working

Imagine a situation in which you are replying to an important email of your client and your iPhone screen goes unresponsive suddenly. Now in this situation, you will feel like banging your phone against the wall in front of you. But of course, you cannot do this stupidity as its one of those expensive smartphone which everyone cannot possess. I think it is the most irritating and troubling situation. If some feature of iPhone stops working, then it can be repaired by changing the settings in iPhone. But if your screen is not responding then what will you do in such situation. In this article, we will explore every possibility of how to fix your iPhone screen.

iPhone is an unbeatable series of smartphones which has all technological advancements as compared to other phones. With the most influential technology and most mechanical operating system ever Apple launches its new edition of iPhone 6s. But recently many iPhone 6 and 6s users have reported serious issues of the unresponsive screen at times. The sudden unresponsiveness is without any reason, and no matter how many times you touch the screen, it will not respond. In other words, your iPhones seems to come at a total halt.

iPhone screen which is not working is the most thought-provoking and exasperating problem that an iPhone user may come across. It is because the user interface of iPhone has been created around the device’s multi-touch screen. The touch feature is the main way of communication between you and your phone. If the touch only stops working, everything comes to an end. Sometimes a part of the screen doesn’t respond and at times, the whole screen goes unresponsive. In most circumstances the problem ascends due to the LCD screen, however sometimes concerns are related to proper cleaning and restarting of connectors of the instrument.

Other than cleaning and restart matters, the contact of water and accretion of dust and other particles are also causes of screen unresponsiveness. So, now you have to work on solving the matter of iPhones’ screen. Remove the screen guard of your iPhone as it might be hindering the screen from working properly. If that doesn’t solve your issue then follow the steps given below:

  • Clean the screen with soft and damp cloth used for cleaning glasses as dust can also be the prime reason for obstructing screen from working.
  • Resume your instrument by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button till the red slider seems. Shift the slider to turn your iPhone fully off. Later when the device goes off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button another time until you see the Apple sign.
  • If restarting your device doesn’t help then, force restart. Press and hold together the Sleep/Wake and Home keys forminimum ten seconds, until you see the Apple sign.
  • If force resuming of the instrument does not work then, try restoring all the previous factory settings by default. Restoring factory settings will erase all your data from iPhone, so it is better to save all your files on your desktop with the help of USB cable.
  • If iTunes doesn’t identify your phone, then use recovery mode to restore the iPhone.Attach your iPhone with PC and open iTunes. Hold Home Key till you see connect to iTunes screen. Once your iPhone is linked, iTunes will open and the next message is saying that iTunes has identified an iPhone in recovery mode will appear on the screen. If you have jibed your iPhone with iTunes, you will be capable of restoring your data and files from the back-up by:
  • Attach your iPhone to your PC that has holdup of your device
  • Fix the current form of iTunes on your iPhone
  • Select File > Devices > Restore from Backup
  • If none of the guidelines work to fix the screen on your iPhone then, you can take help of Apples’ Support. It’s because the physical damage of the screen cannot be excluded if you have unintentionally smashed your iPhone. In such a case you have to get your screen repaired wth both glass and LCD screen.

You can visit an Apple service Centre, or you can arrange for a meeting at the Genius Bar in your resident Apple Retail Store and let a skilled person do the readjustment or replacement of the display. If you have not bought the AppleCare plan, you are yet enclosed under 1 year service contract which is standard for all Apple products. But, make sure you do not breakout your iPhone as this may cancel the contract of your phone. Otherwise, you can take the phone to aknowledgeable repair shop where trained hands can estimate and fix the problem with no aggravation.

Touch screen instruments like iPhone, iPad, Tablets, etc. are not only costly but also very delicate and utterly smashed. Good care is, hence, necessary to evade faulty working of these touch screen gadgets and you may deliberate carry cases and shielding screen covers for your iPhone or iPad. Though handling your device is easy, try to keep your hands fresh so that the screen remains free from dust and oil which start to damage the innermechanisms and ultimately you may find your iPhone screen not operational or replying to touch correctly. The correction of the display may also begin to weaken over time, and you should refer your operating guides for guidelines on how to readjust the touch screen if required.

I think it is quite clear from the above guidelines that how to fix iPhone screen which is not working.  We have covered all the technical as well as general aspects of how to connect iPhone on Wi-Fi. The above article has very well explained all the possibilities of getting stuck with your Wi-Fi connection and how to resolve the issues related to that. If everything else fails, then let one of Apple’s expert take a look at your iPhone and diagnose the problem. It’s likely that something has horribly gone wrong with your hardware because subsequently disasters do occur even with branded products. Let’s Apple analyze the fault, and if your instrument is of inferior quality, it will be taken care.

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