How to fix an iPhone that won’t connect to Wi-Fi?

At present, iPhone is an unbeatable series of smartphones which has all technological advancements as compared to other phones. With the most influential technology and most intuitive operating system ever Apple launches its new edition of iPhone 6s. It is a full changed version of smartphone which will make a great impact on users mind. Nine years since its introduction iPhone has changed and occupied the smartphone market.

The real sales of the iPhone at present has attributed with redesigning the smartphone business and assisting in making Apple one of the greatest appreciated publicly traded companies. Nowadays nearly all recent smartphones have imitated the iPhone design of a slate format with a touchscreen interface.

Despite all the technological advancements, it does happens that even expensive phones like iPhone also experiences some or the other issue. Issues can be solved by following the set of instructions and taking proper care of the device. This article will help you to solve issue about iPhone not working on Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is the general term for wireless networking expertise that uses radio waves to run wireless high-speed Internet and network links. Common fallacy is that the name Wi-Fi is a short form of “wireless fidelity,” but this is not so. Wi-Fi is merely a trademarked idiom that means “IEEE 802.11x.” All our devices like computers, smartphones, digital audio players and tablets use Wi-Fi. These devices connect to a network source such as the Internet via a wireless network entree point.

Lots of problems have been diagnosed with the Wi-Fi connection in operating system 8.4 updates. It causes slow internet speed non-maintainable net link on your iPhone. There are few things that your can do without the internet connection, and that is why it is necessary to make sure that your iPhone gets connected to the proper Wi-F connection with the rapid and stable net. . You can quickly rectify this issues on how to fix an iPhone that won’t connect to Wi-Fi through guidelines explained below.

Before starting with the stepwise process of fixing Wi-Fi problem in your iPhone, make sure the modem or router is on. May routers have on and off button to that permits you to enable or disable Wi-Fi link.

  • Cross-check your Wi-Fi password twice as it is a mixture of many characters and symbols which if forgotten may incur non-connection of W-Fi. Make sure you are tapping the right password on your iPhone.
  • Fix your router in proper range of your iPhone. To actually launch a connection and use it, your iPhone must be in the range of the router. The prerequisite field for a Wi-Fi joining differs across different routers though the average range is from 150 to 300 feet centered on whether you are inside or outside.
  • Start again with your iPhone. It is not uncommon for technology to turn out to be indifferent (‘to hang’), so resuming the iPhone could assist in reorganizing the internal modem.

Guidelines on how to start an iPhone again:

 1) Press the power button for around 3 seconds till a red slider seems on your screen.

 2) Jab the slider to the right, checking that you would like to resurrect.

3) Later your iPhone has totally turned off, press your power button once more, waiting till the Apple symbol seems on screen.

 4) When your iPhone has resumed, you can try to fix your Wi-Fi facility again.

  • Resume the iPad’s Wi-Fi connection by reorganizing the settings again. Settings > Wi-Fi and slipping the switch to OFF, waiting for a few seconds, and swapping to ON again.
  • Restart the lease by ticking the Renew Lease button in the networks location. An iPad keeps, or ‘leases’ the IP address of a system for a fixed period and from time to time this can be the reason for all the problems.
  • If you forget the network name then, you can go to Wi-Fi settings and click the blue box.
  • You can also retune your system setting and alter the network name. Go to Settings >General Settings > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  • Turn off your iPhone network and on it again. It also solves the problem many a time.
  • Change to Custom DNS settings o which are privately owned by Google (which will assure speediness & safety) Go to Wi-Fi Setting.
  • Find your Wi-Fi location. In router Wi-Fi Security setting, look for a drop-down list of options and fix WPA/WPA2 Personal.
  • Start your router again as it may be possible that that the router is decreasing to convey a link over the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz rate slab.
  • If nothing is working for all the changes in router settings, then you can think of buying a new dual band W-Fi modem. Try this solution only when your router is too old and you iPhone is getting linked to other router from your area.
  • You can also check whether you operating system is up-to-date or not. If your OS is outdated, then try to update it via iTunes. It will also help in solving the issue as many old OS result in disconnected Wi-Fi.
  • Turn-off New Wi-Fi Assist features on iOS 9 on iPhone. Wi-Fi Assist is a characteristic additional with the introduction of iOS 9. The iPhone 5 and advanced versions can use Wi-Fi assist to stay linked to the Internet over slow or else reduced Wi-Fi networks. Settings -> Cellular -> Wi-Fi Assist (scroll down and turn it off).
  • Changing iPhone/iPad Settings to default by clicking on settings>general>reset>reset all settings. It will reorganize your iPhone on default settings won’t even delete photos or other files.

I think it is quite clear from the above guidelines that how to fix iPhone which is not working on W-Fi connection.  We have covered all the technical as well as general aspects of how to connect iPhone on Wi-Fi. The above article has very well explained all the possibilities of getting stuck with your Wi-Fi connection and how to resolve the issues related to that. If everything else fails, then let one of Apple’s expert take a look at your iPad and diagnose the problem. It’s likely that something has horribly gone wrong with your hardware because subsequently disasters do occur even with branded products. Let’s Apple analyze the fault, and if your instrument is of inferior quality, it will be taken care. Specifically, if you’re still in warranty period by AppleCare!


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