How to fix iMessages on your iPhone

Texting someone is one of the traditional ways to get in touch with your friends. Apple provides its user free texting through iMessage. If you are stuck in a situation, your iMessage is not delivered, or you are not receiving messages, then it means iMessage is facing some issue. iMessage often goes out of control and doesn’t respond at all. iMessaging is just like other free texting apps which are great, but when they stop working, it’s the most irritating situation. We will go through all the guidelines which will help you in getting your iMessages without any problem. This article will deal with the problem related to how to fix iMessages on iPhone.

iMessage is an extraordinary characteristic as it permits iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Macs to direct messages that exceed the traditional 160-character limit of writing messages and data limits related to MMS messages. The main disadvantage of iMessage is that it only works amongst Apple instruments. Sending an iMessage to somebody with an Android smartphone is difficult.

If you see your message in a blue bubble, then it sent by iMessage. And if you see your message in a green bubble then, it means that your message is sent by using a data plan, either by MMS or SMS. Also, check whether one contact is not able to receive your message or all the contacts are unable to get your iMessage. If only one contact is not receiving your message means the issue is with that person’s iPhone, but if all friends are not getting your iMessage, then the problem is with your iPhone.

The unusual things about iMessage running on iOS 8 or 9 are that you can’t repair the particular cause of it. We will work out in all possible ways to fix the problem and get your messaging in working condition. Sometimes even Apple’s servers are not responding and sometimes our net connection is not working. So let check out ways to solve this issue:

  • Check your Wi-Fi and network settings to ensure that you have an active network link. Make sure you are closer to your Wi-Fi modem and ensure your data plan is working. Before you reset your network, make sure you remember your Wi-Fi passwords, as ‘Reset Network Settings’ will remove all of the protected Wi-Fi linkages on your iPhone. Once your iPhone restarts, you’ll have to reset your Wi-Fi passwords at home and work.
  • Switch off and switch on your iMessage by following the settings. Go to Settings > Messages. Analyze that the type of message that you’re trying to send is turned on (iMessage, SMS, MMS, or Group messaging):
  • Set up iMessage correctly by going to Settings>Message and click on “SEND and RECEIVE”. Look at the list of the phone numbers and email addresses that are arranged to send and receive iMessages from your system. Look below the segment titled ‘Start New Conversations From’, and if there isn’t a tick mark following to your phone number, click on your phone number to start iMessage for your number.
  • Try to sign out and sign in again using your Apple ID. Go to settings>Messages and try signing out and signing in and attempt directing an iMessage to your friend with an iPhone.
  • Check whether you iPhone operating system is updated or not. Some of the most shared concerns user met were complications with iMessage, and Apple regularly thrusts out updates to address iMessage matters with several transferors.
  • If your friends see your email ID instead of your phone number when you send them messages, then sign in and sign out of iMessage and FaceTime. Follow the settings below

For iMessage–Head to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. Click your Apple ID, then click Sign Out.

For FaceTime–Head to Settings > FaceTime. Tap your Apple ID, then click Sign Out.

On your device first, sign back into iMessage and FaceTime.

Sign back into iMessage and FaceTime on your other systems.

  • If you are not able to receive or send messages to your contact, then make sure you are using the right number and email of that concerned person. And also, check that contact is not on Block List on your iPhone.
  • Also, try restoring your iPhone with iTunes.
  • Approach Apple support to solve the issue if nothing works. It does happen that even Apple care Centre won’t be able to resolve the matter with troubleshooting procedures. You can visit an Apple service Centre, or you can arrange for a meeting at the Genius Bar in your resident Apple Retail Store and let a skilled person do the readjustment or replacement of the display.  If you have not bought the AppleCare plan, you are yet enclosed under 1-year service contract which is standard for all Apple products. But, make sure you do not break out your iPhone as this may cancel the contract of your phone. Otherwise, you can take the phone to a knowledgeable repair shop where trained hands can estimate and fix the problem with no aggravation.

I know how essential it is to be in touch with your friends all the time. But when such frustrating situation appears in front of you, and you don’t know how to fix it, make you feel total exhausted. But everything has a solution, and you don’t need to worry about it because if above guidelines don’t work for you, then Apple support team will surely help you. I think it is quite clear from the above guidelines that how to fix iPhone iMessage which is not working.  We have covered all the technical as well as general aspects of how to fix iMessage on iPhone. The above article has very well explained all the possibilities of getting stuck with your messaging and how to resolve the issues related to that. If everything else fails, then let one of Apple’s expert take a look at your iPhone and diagnose the problem. It’s likely that something has horribly gone wrong with your hardware because subsequently disasters do occur even with branded products. Let’s Apple analyze the fault, and if your instrument is of inferior quality, it will be taken care.

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